Welcome to 2 Reel Guys!

2 Reel Guys, hosted by Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan and featuring the “2 Reel Guys Players,” is dedicated to the creative process of visual storytelling.

2 Reel Guys is a series of short, ten-minute video episodes covering many elements of visual storytelling and filmmaking. Each entertaining and informative episode illustrates one concept. For example: how to get started, working with actors, directing, production tips, editing and sound tips. Season One consists of 20 shows. Season Two consists of 12 more episodes, shot about a year later. 2 Reel Guys premiered in 2013.

Viewer comments include:

“Your 2 Reel Guys series is so outstanding that it is the first item on my calendar on the 1st and 15th of the month.”

“This series is wonderful! Thanks.”

“These videos would have been handy 3 weeks ago before I started production on my new web show. Great information.”

“Great job, Larry & Norman. I look forward to learning with you.”

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