“Everyone knows what’s funny, right?” With those words, co-hosts Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan explore the process of creating comedy on video. Along the way, the 2 Reel Players risk life and limb to showcase techniques that make a joke work.

Discover the values of timing, setting up and thwarting expectations, and how to bury a joke until the audience has forgotten about it, only to spring it on them when they least expect it.

“Creating Funny: How to Setup, Build, and Pay-off a Joke” – this week, on the 2 Reel Guys.

TRT: 10:23

2 replies on “Episode 21: Creating Funny”

  1. Glad to see you all back after the long respite! I was originally pointed to this site by Larry, in response to a question on his blog — about how to get exposure to the processes of making movies (as opposed to post),

    This series continues to raise questions and deliver answers and provide “Aha” moments!

  2. I always loved the iconic 2 Reel Guys series. I’m delighted Season 2 is now beginning. I thought this first episode on comedy was especially good and a great season opener. I love Norman and Larry. I’m a subscriber to Larry’s training website, where you can download an unbelievable wealth of training material, both on the technical and artistic side of filmmaking.

    David Mills
    Huntington, WV

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