“What’s the worst time you’ve ever spent in an editing room?” Sometimes, those times are easier to count than the good times. Why? Because the team creating the program don’t know how to talk to each other.

In this episode of the 2 Reel Guys, co-hosts Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan share techniques learned from years of editing video and feature film projects. Larry shares his experience of editing video under the pressure of live and nearly-live deadlines, while Norman explains how he gets inside the head of the director to figure out EXACTLY what the scene is supposed to be about.

Creating film is all about collaboration and this episode shows you how. “Improving Communication in the Editing Room” – this week, on the 2 Reel Guys.

TRT: 10:58

3 replies on “Episode 23: Communication”

  1. Hi Too Real Guys,

    I’m happy to see season 2 starting. As I’ve said here before, Norman’s book “The Lean Forward Moment” was an epiphany to me. And Larry is an icon of movie-making education.

    On your resource page, I noticed that you didn’t include Lightworks in the list of NLE vendors. I haven’t tried it myself, so I was wondering if you have any experience with it and/or what you think about it?

    Quite a few major motion pictures have been cut on some version of it. The pro version is only $60 per year. So it seems like it has a lot going for it.

    Love your work and your shows here. Keep making them and I’ll keep watching.



  2. Larry,
    I’m a monthly subscriber to your FCPX and other training and recently found this site.

    All chapters in episode 1 are playable.

    The entire list in episode 2 are not playable. Are they not edited yet or am I missing something?

    I’d like to watch lighting for multiple actors especially.


    1. Hello Larry,

      I am the Web Manager for 2 Reel Guys.

      Currently all episodes 1-23 are playable, the rest are in final color grading and will be finished after NAB.

      Thank you for watching!


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