Episode 30 – Changing Emotion is the Key to Good Storytelling

Drama, by defintion, is emotion. The key is to figure out which character is the emotional core of each scene, then find ways to enhance the audience’s response to the emotional change that character is going through.

Emotion doesn’t always mean yelling, or tears, or fights. Sometimes emotions are subtle; just a lifitng of an eyebrow. But every story-teller needs to find the emotional ‘hook” in a scene and make sure the actors bring it out so the audience can feel it.

This is the first of two episodes looking at how to take a scene from staging to shooting to post. Watch as hosts Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan work with the 2 Reel Players to find the emotional “turn” of a scene, figure out how to make it work and determine the best way to shoot it. This series concludes with Episode 31.

“Changing Emotion is the Key to Good Storytelling” – this week, on the 2 Reel Guys.

TRT: 11:25