When creating video, it’s easy to be seduced by the technology. But, if you don’t have a good story, no one is going to watch.

In this series on creativity, digital media experts Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan discuss the importance of story in the creative process of visual story telling.

2 replies on “Episode 1: Story”

  1. This Is THE resource for editing from My two favorite Editing Teachers in the entire world, I followed there books and tutorials on editing and I was not aware of there partnership for this incredible resource. 2reel guys are The two real Leaders in Editing. I am so thankful that i am watching the tips and in-depth knowledge behind every cut you make. As a film maker I learn so much for filming and writing for any project from these two Amazing Personalities.
    I am thanking you both for making this video series for people like me and million others to share your invaluable knowledge with the world for free.
    you deserve allot more but as of now I can Thank you and bless you With all my heart.

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