Controlling where the eye looks in a film is an essential skill of the story-teller’s craft.

In this series on visual story-telling, digital media experts Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan illustrate what attracts the eye and how to use that knowledge to control how the audience experiences your film.

2 replies on “Episode 2: Attraction”

  1. A very important point explained so everyone can understand it. I’d recommend this short video to everyone. I’ve ran across this point explained in a few books, but it’s so easy when you are done assembling your rail, dolly and you throw a crane on it, to get distracted into miving for the sake of motion… and then scratch your head as to WHY your footage doesn’t resonate as well as it should, given all the production value you put into it. I’ll watch it a few dozen times, maybe this time it “sticks”… thanks, 2 guys! Norman, I got your book in January 2013.

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