Episode 18: Documentaries and Reality

Unlike feature films, most documentaries (or reality shows) are unscripted. In many cases, they start shooting with only an outline and the script is developed as the material is shot and edited.

However, just because a documentary is unscripted does not mean it is disorganized, or that it can ignore the basic tenets of storytelling. In fact, just the opposite. As hosts Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan explain, story-telling is just as important as scripted projects. And in this episode, they give you some tips you can use to improve your own unscripted projects.

Episode 4: Pre-production and Organization

It is fun to grab a camera and start shooting. But, without spending some time planning beforehand, what you shoot may not be what you want.

In this episode, hosts Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan discuss the process of pre-production. Who is responsible for doing the work? How do you balance between what you want and what you can afford? And some simple techniques that can keep the process of organization from becoming overwhelming. Organization may not be “creative,” but good planning is the foundation upon which all creativity rests.